Looking forward to digital futures

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STAMINA was showcased at the launch of Brunel University London’s new Institute of Digital Futures at a virtual event that heralded the importance of digital research and innovation for tackling many of the grand challenges faced by society.  Held over Zoom on 29 October 2020, and convened by the Institute’s Director, Prof Abdul Sadka, the event attracted […]

How do first responders train for real action?

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Partners from STAMINA took part in a successful event about public protection and disaster relief. It took place on 20 November 2020 and was hosted by the Public Safety Communications Europe Forum.  The Webinar titled “Use Cases and Scenarios for Good Practitioner-led innovation in PPDR” featured speakers from the University of Lancaster, Trilateral Research, the University […]

STAMINA gathers insights from experts across Europe

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Working with end-users has been an essential early step for STAMINA. Throughout the first months of the project, the partners have been busy hosting many local end-user workshops across Europe, with the primary aim of identifying the challenges faced by professionals working in the fields of pandemic threats and crisis management.   One example of such […]