Engaging Scouts during the COVID-19 Outbreak: Tunisia Experience in Community Engagement

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Like in many communities, health workers are key personnel dedicated and equipped to engage, inform and address concerns with regards to public health. Community engagement has become an important component of health services planning and delivery since the outbreak of Covid-19. Indeed, community engagement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact in […]

Reflections on STAMINA’s 1st International Summit on Pandemic Management

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On 18 May 2022, the STAMINA project partners and stakeholders came together in-person for the first time since the start of the project during the 1st International Summit on Pandemic Management in València (Spain), organised and hosted by the València Local Police. This Summit aimed to be a forum for discussion and debate for high-level […]

The utility of STAMINA tools for more efficient patient care during pandemics

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Contributed by Helena Blažun Vošner, Jernej Završnik, Peter Kokol, Aleksander Jus, Štefan Mally, Nataša Maguša Lorber, Tine Pelcl, Community Healthcare Center dr. Adolf Drolc Maribor (HCM), Slovenia    The STAMINA Project partner, Community Healthcare Center dr. Adolf Drolc Maribor (HCM) from Slovenia, contributes to the project from the position of an end-user, playing a crucial […]

Get the most out of your data with visual analytics

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In a pandemic crisis, first responders and policy makers need to gain insight from the data and make evidence-based decisions. But how can we make sense out of our data? And how can this be communicated to a wide range of audiences? Visual analytics comes to our rescue. But what is visual analytics? And how […]

Detecting emerging diseases

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the importance of detecting and screening emerging diseases early on. The pandemic highlighted how easily healthcare systems can be pushed to their limits and revealed the weaknesses behind healthcare systems including financial capacities and the availability of personnel and infrastructures. After almost two years of grappling with the global pandemic […]

Applying Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery mindset during STAMINA toolkit development

STAMINA is an ambitious project boasting a large consortium of 39 partners and highly complex tools and trials across 12 countries to improve pandemic preparedness and response among national planners and end-users. Given the scale and complexity of the project, STAMINA software developers leveraged the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) engineering methodology to […]

Guidelines on risk communication principles implementation

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STAMINA project partners have delivered the report, D5.2 Guidelines on risk communication principles implementation., in line with fulfilling STAMINA project outcomes. The D5.2 report contains an analysis of the factors, elements, structure and agents involved in communication in risk situations within an organisation. It also includes a series of examples of communication in risk situations […]

Pandemics and the Environment: Modelling the Broader Picture 

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Pandemic preparedness and response measures are not always designed with the environment in mind, focusing instead on lives saved. As such, short-term mitigation measures during pandemics can worsen long-term environmental and ecological problems. We, therefore, need to approach pandemics in a way that thinks about the world and not just the people in it, underlining […]

Finding solutions for pandemic response: Matching end-user needs with solution-providers

The STAMINA project plays a critical role in developing a toolkit to equip stakeholders, like public health ministries, hospitals, and emergency first responders, to better deal with pandemic and crisis situations. This project was ahead of its time, it was already underway before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. However, the pandemic resurfaced the importance […]