Guidelines on risk communication principles implementation

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STAMINA project partners have delivered the report, D5.2 Guidelines on risk communication principles implementation., in line with fulfilling STAMINA project outcomes. The D5.2 report contains an analysis of the factors, elements, structure and agents involved in communication in risk situations within an organisation. It also includes a series of examples of communication in risk situations […]

Pandemics and the Environment: Modelling the Broader Picture 

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Pandemic preparedness and response measures are not always designed with the environment in mind, focusing instead on lives saved. As such, short-term mitigation measures during pandemics can worsen long-term environmental and ecological problems. We, therefore, need to approach pandemics in a way that thinks about the world and not just the people in it, underlining […]

Finding solutions for pandemic response: Matching end-user needs with solution-providers

The STAMINA project plays a critical role in developing a toolkit to equip stakeholders, like public health ministries, hospitals, and emergency first responders, to better deal with pandemic and crisis situations. This project was ahead of its time, it was already underway before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. However, the pandemic resurfaced the importance […]

Identifying and addressing Gaps in Emergency Pandemic Frameworks

The STAMINA project aims to assist first responders and national planners in the preparedness and response phases of pandemic management, by providing improved decision-making technology to pandemic crisis management practitioners at a regional, national, and European level. The STAMINA consortium includes a wide variety of first responders (such as national planners) as the end-users of […]

Point-of-care tools: taking the lab to the field

“Outbreak”, “pandemic”, “quarantine”, “curfew”. Not so long ago, these words referred to a sci-fi blockbuster, or a distant past event – such as the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1920. Today, we all have experienced what is the global impact of the emergence of a new, highly contagious pathogen. Although mechanisms and thorough planning of mitigation […]

STAMINA: A Romanian perspective

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Effects of COVID-19 After a difficult year for many in 2020, the world’s citizens have high expectations for 2021 – for their country and family, as well as for themselves – as shown by a study by Ipsos that covered 31 countries. There are new concerns about the long-term impact of the coronavirus crisis, while […]

How can social media help us to manage a pandemic?

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Never before in history could information travel so fast during a pandemic as it does now with social media. With the rise of social distancing, more people are turning to social media to communicate and it has become a key part of many of our social lives. The amount of information that is shared through […]

Developing rapid detection tools for newly emerging infections

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When a new pathogen arises at the horizon that is contagious and harbours a real risk to generate a pandemic, it is of utmost importance to develop tools based on the genetic content of the pathogen to rapidly detect this emerging infectious agent. In STAMINA, we therefore focused on technologies developed by BioCoS and IPT […]