STAMINA Press Announcement: Testing STAMINA tools in the Romanian Trial

On December 7th, 2022, the Institute of Virology, Bucharest -Romania held an event testing 10 STAMINA tools in a table top exercise simulating a pandemic. The trial was attended by 53 people; 19 STAMINA partners and 34 partners from Romania including project partners, representatives from the Romanian authorities with responsibilities in the management of pandemics […]

STAMINA Press Announcement: STAMINA tool testing during the Austrian Trial

On October 17th, the main part of the Austrian STAMINA trial was conducted in two independent runs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The aim of the trial was to simulate a contact tracing situation during a COVID-19-pandemic, involving patients and employees of the rescue organisation Johanniter Unfallhilfe in Austria.   One […]

STAMINA Press Announcement: STAMINA tool testing during the Czech trial

DSC 2530

On 21 June 2022, one of the main exercises of the EU-funded STAMINA project took place. It used and evaluated several diagnostic devices for first-line screening developed within the framework of this international project. All the developed tools should primarily help to manage pandemic situations. Units of the Fire Rescue Service and the Medical Rescue […]

Press announcement: New EU-funded project launched to build smart support platform for pandemic prediction and management


Infectious diseases have the potential to result in serious cross-border public health threats. Management of this type of crisis remains a serious challenge due to the number of people involved, the different legal, administrative, professional and political cultures, and the lack of transboundary crisis management infrastructures.  In response to this, 37 organisations from across the […]