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CrisisHub Pandemic Tool Demo (a STAMINA trial)

On the 17th of June 2022, CRISISPLAN organised the first ever CrisisHub Demonstration event. CPLAN is STAMINA’s technical partner and is leading one of the work packages within the project. The goal of the virtual event was twofold: to enhance the STAMINA end users’ understanding of the CrisisHub solution and to introduce external stakeholders to CrisisHub’s potential in supporting their organisations’ strategic response to a crisis.

The event hosted a variety of international colleagues from the crisis management, public health and safety domain. Participants from key end user organisations like Dutch National Institute for Public Health, the Lithuanian National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health and the Romanian Institute of Virology joined the event. The demo event, thereby, opened opportunities to discuss diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise.

Set-up of the event

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CrisisHub was developed within the framework of STAMINA’s methodology and objectives. To set this groundwork, the event started with presentations by STAMINA partners. This included STAMINA’s coordinating partner, EXUS and our project partner, ERASMUS MC, setting up the context tailored to the needs of our external stakeholders supported by insights into STAMINA bio-tools to detect pathogens more rapidly and accurately.

After setting the scene through partner presentations, CPLAN led the main event by presenting the development process and the main objectives of CrisisHub. This was followed by a demonstration of the software tool that built a deeper understanding of the utility of STAMINA tools among the attendees.

Considering the virtual nature of the event, the demonstrations were made interactive using an identifiable scenario (an outbreak of a new covid-19 variant) and providing opportunities for the end users and external stakeholders to ask questions and share their feedback.

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We are happy to share the success of the demo event, as we were able to spread the word about the usefulness of STAMINA’s bio-tools developed by CRISISPLAN’s Crisishub for future health crises to key end user organisations. The event achieved the goal of improving the understanding of our tool’s capabilities, methods underlying its functionalities and its contribution to better pandemic preparedness and response.