Methodology and Timeline​

STAMINA will be developed using a combination of pre-existing technology not currently used by health emergency planners or first responders in Europe in their daily practice of pandemics management. It will function through its partnership with a set of guidelines and best practices, and a key focus on ethics and public trust.

The method involves gathering data in order to predict potential threats, assess impact on financial and societal levels, and recommend mitigation actions. An intelligent decision support toolset with a map-based interface will be the main technical outcome of the project. 


The STAMINA toolset will include: 

  • Real-time web and social media analytics
  • Wearable and portable diagnostic devices  
  • Predictive modelling
  • An early warning system
  • A crisis management tool
  • A preparedness pandemic training tool
  • A common operation picture
2020 Sept 2020
2022 Aug 2022
2020 Sept 2020
Project Starts
Milestone 1

Gap analysis; user requirements

Milestone 2

Decision support toolset beta release start of demonstration phase 1

Milestone 3

Decision support toolset beta release start of demonstration phase 2

Milestone 4

Demonstrations evaluations and EU policy recommendations

Milestone 5

Successful exploitation planning, business sustainablity; final event

2022 Aug 2022
Project Ends