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STAMINA: A Romanian perspective

Effects of COVID-19

After a difficult year for many in 2020, the world’s citizens have high expectations for 2021 – for their country and family, as well as for themselves – as shown by a study by Ipsos that covered 31 countries. There are new concerns about the long-term impact of the coronavirus crisis, while concerns about global warming, the economy, or the general level of tolerance in society remain constant.

Many people are also concerned about the possibility of future pandemics. The STAMINA project aims to address these concerns by developing a new intelligent decision support toolset to assist crisis management practitioners with preparedness and response for pandemics. In general, crisis management can be described as a process comprised of efforts to mitigate the impact of threats. The crisis management cycle does not start when the (threat of) damage becomes real. Rather, it begins long before, with measures to prevent threats from turning into full-fledged crises.

STAMINA in Romania

Romania’s participation in H2020 projects is currently significantly lower than many other counties in the EU. However, during a recent interview, the STAMINA project was mentioned in the ZF Tech Day show of Ziarul Financiar, which aimed to highlight successful and interesting European projects.

STAMINA consortium partners BEIA are the national technical support coordinator for the Romanian demonstrator and work on analysing user requirements for the project. BEIA contributes with technical solutions for the integration of legacy systems with the solutions of STAMINA. The company brings experience in IoT telemetry systems, predictive modelling, big data analysis and early warning from health, environmental and security projects.

BLOCKS Webinar

BEIA recently promoted the STAMINA project at the BLOCKS webinar held on 25 March 2021. The topic of the webinar Blockchain for Entrepreneurs – a non-traditional Industry 4.0 curriculum for Higher Education. BLOCKS creates a networked platform of collaboration on curriculum development for universities and companies in Romania, Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Greece to develop non-traditional, blended-learning courses, tailored for an industry 4.0 world, focused on providing teachers, students and entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills about blockchain. Throughout the project, BEIA will continue to share information about the STAMINA project with stakeholders and end users in Romania and beyond.