STAMINA Press Announcement: STAMINA tool testing during the Austrian Trial

On October 17th, the main part of the Austrian STAMINA trial was conducted in two independent runs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The aim of the trial was to simulate a contact tracing situation during a COVID-19-pandemic, involving patients and employees of the rescue organisation Johanniter Unfallhilfe in Austria.


One main focus was on the common operation picture (COP)-tool, which allows employees of the control centre to get an overview of the situation. In order to get in depth information to support contact tracing, further tools were tested in conjunction with the COP-tool; The SmarKo-Wearables provide information on the health status of people who are suspected of being infected, the SHERLOCK/DETECTR tool serves as a mobile testing system for infections, such as COVID-19, and the POCT-Interface, which serves as an input platform for the test results. Additionally, the Early Warning System (EWS) transmits all information from SmarKo and POCTi to the COP-tool, where the information is made available.



The second main focus was on the PPT-tool, which serves as a training scenario development tool, with the possibility of adapting and saving scenarios. The PPT-tool is able to send messages directly to the COP-tool to simulate an established pandemic scenario in a training environment.

In each of the two trial runs, there were test persons with a background in training and exercise implementation, setting up a defined training scenario and thereby simultaneously testing the PPT-tool. This scenario was then carried out by test persons who work in the control centre, involving the different STAMINA-tools for contact tracing in the fictitious scenario and viewing the results using the COP-tool.



SmarKo and SHERLOCK/DETECTR where furthermore tested independently and extensively. Each STAMINA tool was tested by 4-7 highly qualified test persons in the Austrian trial. The evaluation was performed using a mixed methods approach of observation, interviews and surveys and is prepared in in-depth reports for each tool.