STAMINA Press announcement: Tunisian partners hold workshop and trial demonstration for national stakeholders

Within the framework of the STAMINA project, the Tunisian Ministry of Health (ONMNE) organized a Tunisian stakeholder workshop and a Trial demonstration of the STAMINA tools on 26 July 2022. The main objective of this workshop was to present to our different national stakeholders and decision-makers the objectives of the project as well as the various STAMINA technological solutions selected and tested through the Tunisian Trial coordinated by ONMNE.

This workshop also aimed at disseminating the main results of the trial using national epidemiological data relating to the West Nile virus and SARS-COV2 surveillance.

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The event began with an overview of the STAMINA project, as well as of the platform and its tools. ONMNE’s General Director shared with the national stakeholders and national partners the Tunisian experience and challenges faced during the Covid-19 Pandemic related to Preparedness and Response. This was followed by a discussion regarding the challenges and needs faced by national stakeholders in Covid-19 crisis management and how STAMINA developed tools and solutions that could help improve response plans and help strengthen Healthcare systems’ capacities. The relevance and usability of all these solutions in the Tunisian Healthcare system, as well as gaps and challenges were debated. Among the different gaps that were identified and discussed, the ones that emerged as most significant are the digitalisation of data related to health, the limited access to shared data, and the lack of national policies for data sharing at a national level.